Video Games

Combining B-movie horror comedy with intense turn-based strategy, Alien Star Menace has gained nearly a million players on mobile devices.

A dungeon crawler with a twist! Explore an ever changing dungeon with a quirky companion, where who you go in with completely changes the game dynamics.

We're pretty hush-hush about our in-development video games, but between you and us, we've got a couple cool action/adventure games in the works.

Board Games

Be the mayor of a town in an RPG, realized in beautiful pixel art! Our first foray into board game design and production, Hero's Crossing had a 160% funded Kickstarter and has been received very well since.

Hey Cutie challenges players to show off their charm and good looks to go on hot dates. Play your cards right, and you may find your perfect match (or matches ;)

A bare-knuckle brawler of a board game, in Knockout Punch players try to knock each other off the map in a no-holds-barred melee!

Past Games

Sadly, these games are no longer available for one reason or another. We're still super proud of them and love talking about them though!

A casual, fast action game, Rocket Rascal challenges players to avoid sandworms, destroy aliens, and rocket jump into space.

One of our first games, Word Duelist came to Xbox Live Indie Games and mobile. It combined word games with intense battles, comedy, and adventure.

Cuddle Bears was a mobile endless runner about running from a Big Bad Wolf while dodging obnoxiously cute bears who just wanted to be loved.

See the Light was our first independent release and came out on Xbox Live Indie Games as well as about every mobile platform under the sun!